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Employment Law Business Services

Employment Law

Our Employment Law Services Help You to Stay One Step Ahead.

Our Employment Law services currently allow employers across the country to focus on the success and growth of their business rather than worrying how about how to deal with a difficult employee or what they should do when facing a Tribunal claim. Peninsula´s expertise is on hand to assist with any employment matter no matter how trivial through our 24 Hour Advice Service which is available 365 days a year.

If your business does face a Employment Tribunal claim then be assured that our Legal Services team will provide a full Employment Tribunal representation service aimed at achieving the best outcome for your business. In addition, our indemnity scheme can fund the cost of any awards made against your business giving you further peace of mind. We will also ensure you have legally compliant employment documentation in place to help prevent you from getting into difficulty in the first place.

Health and Safety Business Services

Business Safe

Total Protection for You and Your Business.

Our Health & Safety services help you to better understand and manage your obligations and provide the knowledge and systems to allow you to be one step ahead. With the availability of our 24 Hour Health & Safety Advice Service all your business queries – be it a routine enquiry or an urgent problem – can be answered. This essential service supports the bespoke Health & Safety management systems which we will create and help you to implement ensuring you operate a safe and legally compliant workplace.

Additionally, our Health & Safety training courses are available allowing you to further develop your understanding and knowledge, and, should the worst happen and legal proceedings be brought against you or your organisation, Peninsula will provide robust legal representation and indemnity against the costs, providing total peace of mind.



An Employee Assistance Programme protects your business and staff.

An EAP is an essential tool for employers who want to safeguard employee wellbeing through an official framework. Our employee assistance programme includes online health and fitness assessments as well as stress audits to spot problems early on. Any personal problems staff members are dealing with can be referred to the specialist helpline. Furthermore, intervention in the form of face to face counselling sessions and active care from Occupational Health professionals is provided for any employees suffering with work related stress.

The Employee Assistance Programme is designed to monitor and combat stress, raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, and minimise distractions. As a result, many clients notice that their EAP has improved productivity and reduced absence levels, leading to widespread cost savings. What's more, happy employees are often loyal and hard-working employees.

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